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Crocodiles, Dinosaurs, and Birds Crocodiles, Dinosaurs, and Birds
Fossil Stem Penguin • braincase Paraptenodytes antarcticus Avians
Emu • egg Dromaius novaehollandiae Avians
Embryo in Egg • egg Enantiornithine Bird Avians
Domestic Chicken • egg (day 13) Gallus gallus Avians
Domestic Chicken • egg (day 15) Gallus gallus Avians
Domestic Chicken • egg (day 17) Gallus gallus Avians
Domestic Chicken • egg (day 19) Gallus gallus Avians
Burrowing Owl • head Athene cunicularia Avians
Magnificent Frigatebird • head Fregata magnificens Avians
Barn Owl • head Tyto alba Avians
Golden-fronted Woodpecker • head Melanerpes aurifrons Avians
Blue-crowned Manakin • head Lepidothrix (Pipra) coronata Avians
Puna Tinamou (hatchling) • head Tinamotis pentlandii Avians
White-headed Woodpecker • head Picoides albolarvatus Avians
Black Vulture • head Coragyps atratus Avians
Golden-winged Parakeet • head Brotogeris chrysopterus Avians
Ivory-billed Woodpecker • head Campephilus principalis Avians
Emperor Penguin • head (juvenile) Aptenodytes forsteri Avians
Fossil Bird • skeleton (holotype) Vegavis iaai Avians
Fossil Bird • skull Odontopteryx toliapica Avians
Giant Hummingbird • skull Patagona gigas Avians
Crested Screamer • skull Chauna chavaria Avians
Jackass Penguin • skull Spheniscus demersus Avians
Brandt's Cormorant • skull Phalacrocorax penicillatus Avians
Moa • skull Dinornithidae Avians
Northern Ground Hornbill • skull Bucorvus abyssinicus Avians
Red-tailed Tropicbird • skull Phaethon rubricauda Avians
Common Loon • skull Gavia immer Avians
Pied-billed Grebe • skull Podilymbus podiceps Avians
Ostrich • skull Struthio camelus Avians
Little Penguin • skull Eudyptula minor Avians
Emperor Penguin • skull (adult) Aptenodytes forsteri Avians
Common Nighthawk • upper body Chordeiles minor Avians
Ruby-throated Hummingbird • whole Archilochus colubris Avians
Blue-crowned Manakin • whole Lepidothrix (Pipra) coronata Avians
Puna Tinamou • whole Tinamotis pentlandii Avians
Chinese Fossil Avian • whole Confuciusornis sp. Avians
Golden-winged Parakeet • whole Brotogeris chrysopterus Avians
Burrowing Owl • whole Athene cunicularia Avians
Club-winged Manakin • whole Machaeropterus deliciosa Avians
Emperor Penguin • whole (juvenile) Aptenodytes forsteri Avians
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