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2016-2018 publications:

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Bear Ears
Ursus arctos

Arnaudo, M.E., Bona, P., Soibelzon, L.H., and Schubert, B.W. 2016. Anatomical study of the auditory region of Arctotherium tarijense (Ursidae, Tremarctinae), an extinct short-faced bear from the Pleisotcene of South America. Journal of Anatomy, 229, 825-837.

Platypus Morphology

Asahara, M., Koizumi, M., Macrini, T.E., Hand, S.J., and Archer, M. 2016. Comparative cranial morphology in living and extinct platypuses: feeding behavior, electroreception, and loss of teeth. Science Advances, 2, e1601329.

Earliest Known Lissamphibian

Ascarrunz, E., Rage, J.-C., Legreneur, P., and Laurin, M. 2016. Triadobatrachus massinoti, the earliest known lissamphibian (Vertebrata: Tetrapoda) re-examined by µCT scan, and the evolution of trunk length in batrachians. Contributions to Zoology, 85, 201-234.

Theropod Evolution

Barta, D.E., Nesbitt, S.J., and Norell, M.A. 2018. The evolution of the manus of early theropod dinosaurs is characterized by high inter- and intraspecific variation. Journal of Anatomy, 232, 80-104.

Extinct Marsupialiform

Beck, R.M.D. 2017. The skull of Epidolops ameghinoi from the Early Eocene Itaboraí Fauna, southeastern Brazil, and the affinities of the extinct marsupialiform order Polydolopimorphia. Journal of Mammalian Evolution, 24, 373-414.

Mammal Brains

Benoit, J., Manger, P.R., and Rubidge, B.S. 2016. Palaeoneurological clues to the evolution of defining mammalian soft tissue traits. Scientific Reports, 6, 25604.

Bird Skulls

Bhullar, B.-A., Hanson, M., Fabbri, M., Pritchard, A., Bever, G.S., and Hoffman, E. 2016. How to make a bird skull: major transitions in the evolution of the avian cranium, paedomorphosis, and the beak as a surrogate hand. Integrative and Comparative Biology.

Mouse Vertebrae

Böhmer, C. 2017. Correlation between Hox code and vertebral morphology in the mouse: towards a universal model for Synapsida. Zoological Letters, 3, 8.

Crocodylian Brains

Bona, P., Carabajal, A.P., and Gasparini, Z. 2017. Neuroanatomy of Gryposuchus geogaeus (Crocodylia, Gavialoidea): a first integral description of the braincase and endocranial morphological variation in extinct and extant gavialoids. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 106, 235-246.

Tenrec Jaw Anatomy

Brocklehurst, R.J., Crumpton, N., Button, E., and Asher, R.J. 2016. Jaw anatomy of Potamogale velox (Tenrecidae, Afrotheria) with a focus on cranial arteries and the coronoid canal in mammals. PeerJ, e1906.

Crocodylian Sinuses

Brusatte, S.L., Muir, A., Young, M.T., Walsh, S., Steel, L., and Witmer, L.M. 2016. The braincase and neurosensory anatomy of an Early Jurassic marine crocodylomorph: implications for crocodylian sinus evolution and sensory transitions. The Anatomical Record, 299, 1511-1530.

Turtle Taxonomy

Cadena, E. 2016. Palaeoamyda messeliana nov. comb. (Testudines, Pan-Trionychidae) from the Eocene Messel Pit and Geiseltal localities, Germany, taxonomic and phylogenetic insights. PeerJ, 4, e2647.

Sauropod Skulls

Carabajal, A.P., Canale, J.I., and Haluza, A. 2016. New rebbachisaurid cranial remains (Sauropoda, Diplodocoidea) from the Cretaceous of Patagonia, Argentina, and the first endocranial description for a South American representative of the clade. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 36, e1167067.

Coupled Ears

Carr, C.E., Christensen-Dalsgaard, J., and Bierman, H. 2016. Coupled ears in lizards and crocodilians. Biological Cybernetics, 110, 291-302.

Pseudosuchian Ornamentation

Clarac, F., de Buffrénil, V., Brochu, C., and Cubo, J. 2017. The evolution of bone ornamentation in Pseudosuchia: morphological constraints versus ecological adaptation. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 121, 395-408.

Crocodylian Ornamentation

Clarac, F., Souter, T., Cubo, J., de Buffrénil, V., Brochu, C., and Cornette, R . 2016. Does skull morphology constrain bone ornamentation? A morphometric analysis in the Crocodylia. Journal of Anatomy, 229, 292-301.

Cranial Vault Thickness

Copes, L.E., and Kimbel, W.H. 2016. Cranial vault thickness in primates: Homo erectus does not have uniquely thick vault bones. Journal of Human Evolution, 90, 120-134.

Mammalian Skulls

Crompton, A.W., Musinsky, C., Rougier, G.W., Bhullar, B.-A.S., and Miyamae, J.A. In press. Origin of the lateral wall of the mammalian skull: fossils, monotremes and therians revisited. Journal of Mammalian Evolution.

Snake Ecology

Da Silva, F.O., Fabre, A.-C., Savriama, Y., Ollonen, J., Mahlow, K., Herrel, A., Müller, J., and Di-Poï, N. 2018. The ecological origins of snakes as revealed by skull evolution. Nature Communications, 9, 376.

Hyena Diets

DeSantis, L.R.G., Tseng, Z.J., Liu, J., Hurst, A., Schubert, B.W., and Jiangzuo, Q. 2017. Assessing niche conservatism using a multiproxy approach: dietary ecology of extinct and extant spotted hyenas. Paleobiology, 43, 286-303.

Cretaceous Lizards

Dong, L., Xu, X., Wang, Y., and Evans, S.E. 2018. The lizard genera Bainguis and Parmeosaurus from the Upper Cretaceous of China and Mongolia. Cretaceous Research, 85, 95-108.

Weasel Mastoids

Ercoli, M.D. 2017. Morpho-functional analysis of the mastoid region of the extinct South American mustelid Stipanicicia pettorutii. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 106, 337-349.

Marsupial Carnivores

Feigin, C.Y., Newton, A.H., Doronina, L., Schmitz, J., Hipsley, C.A., Mitchell, K.J., Gower, G., Llamas, B., Soubrier, J., Heider, T.N., Menzies, B.R., Cooper, A., O'Neill, R.J., and Pask, A.J. 2018. Genome of the Tasmanian tiger provides insights into the evolution and demography of an extinct marsupial carnivore. Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2, 182-192.

Giant Amphibians

Fortuny, J., Marcé-Nogué, J., Steyer, J.-S., de Esteban-Trivigno, S., Mujal, E., and Gil, L. 2016. Comparative 3D analyses and palaeoecology of giant early amphibians (Temnospondyli: Stereospondyli). Scientific Reports, 6, 30387.

Digital Chamaeleons

Frey, S., and Ertl, T. 2017. Progressive direct volume-to-volume transformation. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 23, 921-930.

Fossil Primates

Fulwood, E.L., Boyer, D.M., and Kay, R.F. 2016. Stem members of Platyrrhini are distinct from catarrhines in at least one derived cranial feature. Journal of Human Evolution, 100, 16-24.

Musteloid Carnivores

Geraads, D., and Spassov, N. 2016. Musteloid carnivores from the upper Miocene of South-Western Bulgaria, and the phylogeny of the Mephitidae. Geodiversitas, 38, 543-558.

Woodpecker Tongues

Jung, J.-Y., Naleway, S.E., Yaraghi, N.A., Herrera, S., Sherman, V.R., Bushong, E.A., Ellisman, M.H., Kisailus, D., and McKittrick, J. 2016. Structural analysis of the tongue and hyoid apparatus in a woodpecker. Acta Biomaterialia.

Digital Penguins

Kellnhofer, P., Ritschel, T., Myszkowski, K., and Seidel, H.-P. 2016. Transformation-aware perceptual image metric. Journal of Electronic Imaging, 25, 053014.

Crocodile Schnozzels

Klenner, S., Witzel, U., Paris, F., and Distler, C. 2016. Structure and function of the septum nasi and the underlying tension chord in crocodylians. Journal of Anatomy, 228, 113-124.

Early Mammal Jaws

Lautenschlager, S., Gill, P., Luo, Z.-X., Fagan, M.J., and Rayfield, E.J. 2016. Morphological evolution of the mammalian jaw adductor complex. Biological Reviews.

Primate Bite Mechanics
Primates On Digimorph

Ledogar, J.A., Luk, R.H.Y, Perry, J.M.G., Neaux, D., and Wroe, S. 2018. Biting mechanics and niche separation in a specialized clade of primate seed predators. PLoS ONE, 13(1), e0190689.

Chicken Heads

Linde-Medina, M. 2016. Testing the cranial evolutionary allometric 'rule' in Galliformes. Journal of Evolutionary Biology.

Mammal Skulls

Linde-Medina, M., Boughner, J.C., Santana, S.E., and Diogo, R. 2016. Are more diverse parts of the mammalian skull more labile? Ecology and Evolution, 6, 2318-2324.

Alligator Gar

Long, J.M., and Snow, R.A. 2016. Ontogenetic development of otoliths in alligator gar. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 145, 537-544.

Cranial Convergence

McCurry, M.R., Evans, A.R., Fitzgerald, E.M.G., Adams, J.W., Clausen, P.D., and McHenry, C.R. 2017. The remarkable convergence of skull shape in crocodilians and toothed whales. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 284, 20162348.

Crocodilian Biomechanics

McCurry, M.R., Walmsley, C.W., Fitzgerald, E.M.G., and McHenry, C.R. 2017. The biomechanical consequences of longirostry in crocodilians and odontocetes. Journal of Biomechanics, 56, 61-70.

Squamate Teeth

Melstrom, K.M. 2017. The relationship between diet and tooth complexity in living dentigerous saurians. Journal of Morphology, 278, 500-522.

Amphisbaenian Evolution

Müller, J., Hipsley, C.A., and Maisano, J.A. 2016. Skull osteology of the Eocene amphisbaenian Spathorhynchus fossorium (Reptilia, Squamata) suggests convergent evolution and reversals of fossorial adaptations in worm lizards. Journal of Anatomy.

Snake Mandibles

Palci, A., Lee, M.S.Y., and Hutchinson, M.N. 2016. Patterns of postnatal ontogeny of the skull and lower jaw of snakes as revealed by micro-CT scan data and three-dimensional geometric morphometrics. Journal of Anatomy, 229, 723-754.

Cat Noses

Pang, B., Yee, K.K., Lischka, F.W., Rawson, N.E., Haskins, M.E., Wysocki, C.J., Craven, B.A., and Van Valkenburgh, B. 2016. The influence of nasal airflow on respiratory and olfactory epithelial distribution in felids. Journal of Experimental Biology, 219, 1866-1874.

Tiny Salamanders

Parra-Olea, G., Rovito, S.M., Garcia-Paris, M., Maisano, J.A., Wake, D.B., and Hanken, J. 2016. Biology of tiny animals: three new species of minute salamanders (Plethodontidae: Thorius) from Oaxaca, Mexico. PeerJ, 4, e2694.

Ankylosaur Skulls

Paulina-Carabajal, A., Lee, Y.-N., and Jacobs, L.L. 2016. Endocranial morphology of the primitive nodosaurid dinosaur Pawpawsaurus campbelli from the Early Cretaceous of North America. PLoS ONE, 11(3), e0150845.

Dolphin Mandibles

Peredo, C.M., Pyenson, N.D., Uhen, M.D., and Marshall, C.D. 2017. Alveoli, teeth, and tooth loss: understanding the homology of internal mandibular structures in mysticete cetaceans. PLoS ONE, 12(5), e0178243.

Crocodylomorph Brains

Pierce, S.E., Williams, M., and Benson, R.B.J. 2017. Virtual reconstruction of the endocranial anatomy of the early Jurassic marine crocodylomorph Pelagosaurus typus (Thalattosuchia). PeerJ, 5, e3225.

Digital Turtles

Polly, P.D., Stayton, C.T., Dumont, E.R., Pierce, S.E., Rayfield, E.J., and Angielczyk, K.D. 2016. Combining geometric morphometrics and finite element analysis with evolutionary modeling: towards a synthesis. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, e1111225.

Modern Taxonomy

Pyle, R.L. 2016. Towards a global names architecture: the future of indexing scientific names. ZooKeys, 550, 261-281.

Orodovician Echinoderms

Reich, M., Sprinkle, J., Lefebvre, B., Rössner, G.E., and Zamora, S. 2017. The first Ordovician cyclocystoid (Echinodermata) from Gondwana and its morphology, paleoecology, taphonomy, and paleogeography. Journal of Paleontology, 91, 735-754.

Platypus Mandibles

Rich, T.H., Hopson, J.A., Gill, P.G., Trusler, P., Rogers-Davidson, S., Morton, S., Cifelli, R.L., Pickering, D., Kool, L., Siu, K., Burgmann, F.A., Senden, T., Evans, A.R., Wagstaff, B.E., Seegets-Villiers, D., Corfe, I.J., Flannery, T.F., Walker, K., Musser, A.M., Archer, M., Pian, R., and Vickers-Rich, P. 2016. X-ray computed tomography datasets for forensic analysis of vertebrate fossils. Nature Scientific Data, 3, 160040.

Haplorhine Origins

Rossie, J.B., Smith, T.D., Beard, K.C., Godinot, M., and Rowe, T.B. 2018. Nasolacrimal anatomy and haplorhine origins. Journal of Human Evolution, 114, 176-183.

Fossil Forensics

Rowe, T.B., Luo, Z.-X., Ketcham, R.A., Maisano, J.A., and Colbert, M.W. 2016. X-ray computed tomography datasets for forensic analysis of vertebrate fossils. Nature Scientific Data, 3, 160040.

Primate Eyes

Rosenberger, A.L., Smith, T.D., DeLeon, V.B., Burrows, A.M., Schenck, R., and Halenar, L.B. 2016. Eye size and set in small-bodied fossil primates: a three-dimensional method. The Anatomical Record, 299, 1671-1689.

GPU Data Structure

Schneider, J., and Rautek, P. 2017. A versatile and efficient GPU data structure for spatial indexing. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 23, 911-920.

Vombatiform Marsupials

Sharp, A.C. 2016. A quantitative comparative analysis of the size of the frontoparietal sinuses and brain in vombatiform marsupials. Memoirs of Museum Victoria, 74, 331-342.

Amphisbaenian Evolution

Talanda, M. 2016. Cretaceous roots of the amphisbaenian lizards. Zoologica Scripta, 45, 1-8.

Amphicyonid Evolution

Tomiya, S., and Tseng, J. 2016. Whence the beardogs? Reappraisal of the Middle to Late Eocene ‘Miacis‘ from Texas, USA, and the origin of Amphicyonidae (Mammalia, Carnivora). Royal Society Open Science, 3, 160518.

Hyena Socialization

Vinuesa, V., Iurino, D.A., Madurell-Malapeira, J., Jinyi, L., Fortuny, J., Sardella, R., and Alba, D.M. 2016. Inferences of social behavior in bone-cracking hyaenids (Carnivora, Hyaenidae) based on digital paleoneurological techniques: implications for human-carnivoran interactions in the Pleistocene. Quaternary International, 413(B), 7-14.

Tortoise Evolution

Vlachos, E., and Rabi, M. In press. Total evidence analysis and body size evolution of extant and extinct tortoises (Testudines: Cryptodira: Pan-Testudinidae). Cladistics.

Sautopterygian Physiology

Voeten, D.F.A.E., Reich, T., Araújo, R., and Scheyer, T.M. 2018. Synchrotron microtomography of a Nothosaurus marchicus skull informs on nothosaurian physiology and neurosensory adaptations in early Sauropterygia. PLoS ONE, 13(1), e0188509.

Primate Skulls

Wang, Q., and Dechow, P.C. 2016. Divided zygomatic bone in primates with implications of skull morphology and biomechanics. The Anatomical Record, 299, 1801-1829.

Giant Opossums

Wilson, G.P., Ekdale, E.G., Hoganson, J.W., Calede, J.J., and Vander Linden, A. 2016. A large carnivorous mammal from the Late Cretaceous and the North American origin of marsupials. Nature Communications, 7, 13734.

Pigeon Skulls

Young, N.M., Linde-Medina, M., Fondon, J.W., Hallgrímsson, B., and Marcucio, R.S. 2017. Craniofacial diversification in the domestic pigeon and the evolution of the avian skull. Nature Ecology & Evolution, 1, 0095.

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