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Amphibians Amphibians
African Foam-nest Frog • head Chiromantis rufescens Anura
Mientien Tree Frog • head Chirixalus idiootocus Anura
Saddled Tree Frog • head Polypedates eques Anura
Java Flying Frog • head Rhacophorus reinwardtii Anura
Golden Tree Frog • head Polypedates leucomystax Anura
Painted Indonesian Tree Frog • head Nyctixalus pictus Anura
Round-snout Pygmy Frog • head Philautus femoralis Anura
Two-spaded Narrow-mouthed Frog • head Gastrophryne usta Anura
Steindachner's Robber Frog • whole Ischnocnema guentheri Anura
African Clawed Frog • whole Xenopus laevis Anura
Common Hour-glass Tree Frog • whole Polypedates cruciger Anura
Gunther's Bubble-nest Frog • whole Philautus microtympanum Anura
Robber Frog • whole Pristimantis pulvinatus Anura
Red-headed Flying Frog • whole Buergeria oxycephalus Anura
Mientien Tree Frog • whole Chirixalus idiootocus Anura
Saddled Tree Frog • whole Polypedates eques Anura
Rain Frog • whole Eleutherodactylus gossei Anura
Sheep Frog • whole Hamptophryne boliviana Anura
African Foam-nest Tree Frog • whole Chiromantis rufescens Anura
Hidden Tree Frog • whole (paratype) Ceuthomantis smaragdinus Anura
Rubber Eel • head Typhlonectes natans Gymnophiona
Two-colored Beaked Caecilian • head Epicrionops bicolor Gymnophiona
Kannan Caecilian • head Uraeotyphlus narayani Gymnophiona
Lungless Caecilian • head, holotype Caecilita iwokramae Gymnophiona
Tiger Salamander • head Ambystoma tigrinum Caudata
Golden Thorius • head Thorius aureus Caudata
Barton Springs Salamander • head Eurycea sosorum Caudata
Spanish Ribbed Newt • head Pleurodeles waltl Caudata
Sierra Juarez Hidden Salamander • head Thorius (Cryptotriton) adelos Caudata
Austin Blind Salamander • head Eurycea waterlooensis Caudata
Northwestern Salamander • head Ambystoma gracile Caudata
Pacific Giant Salamander • head Dicamptodon ensatus Caudata
Korean Crevice Salamander • head Karsenia koreana Caudata
Common Splayfoot Salamander • head Chiropterotriton chiropterus Caudata
Blanco Blind Salamander • head (holotype) Eurycea robusta Caudata
Southern Torrent Salamander • upper body Rhyacotriton variegatus Caudata
Bigfoot Splayfoot Salamander • upper body Chiropterotriton magnipes Caudata
Upper Cerro Pigmy Salamander • upper body Thorius narisovalis Caudata
Common Mudpuppy • upper body Necturus maculosus Caudata
Korean Crevice Salamander • upper body Karsenia koreana Caudata
Common Splayfoot Salamander • upper body Chiropterotriton chiropterus Caudata
Sierra Juarez Hidden Salamander • upper body Thorius (Cryptotriton) adelos Caudata
Barton Springs Salamander • whole Eurycea sosorum Caudata
Austin Blind Salamander • whole Eurycea waterlooensis Caudata
Blanco Blind Salamander • whole (holotype) Eurycea robusta Caudata
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